3 Best-Selling Honda Cars Ahead of Close in 2018

December may be an important month for those who hunt cars for vacation or during the Christmas and New Year holidays. One of them is from Honda.

When talking about percentages, some of the types of cars marketed show an increase compared to the previous month. Overall, PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM) sold 15,845 cars throughout November, a 2{e5724b4306c78918cea04aa5b427f6a26be3da3f3bd91ce12bdecf87b1ca55ec} increase compared to last month.

Speaking of the three best-selling cars near the end of 2018, the third position came in the sport utility vehicle (SUV) segment, the New Honda HR-V 1.5L. This car has sold 3,545 units, up 4{e5724b4306c78918cea04aa5b427f6a26be3da3f3bd91ce12bdecf87b1ca55ec} compared to last month.

Then there was the All New Honda Brio RS in the second position by recording sales of 1,754 units, 36{e5724b4306c78918cea04aa5b427f6a26be3da3f3bd91ce12bdecf87b1ca55ec} higher than the previous month.

But the best-selling or first position is their cheap car, the All New Brio Satya. This car is still the best-selling product by contributing to November’s sales figure of 6,398 units, an increase of 18{e5724b4306c78918cea04aa5b427f6a26be3da3f3bd91ce12bdecf87b1ca55ec} from the previous month.

If totaled during November, the All New Honda Brio sold 8,152 units, or reached 51{e5724b4306c78918cea04aa5b427f6a26be3da3f3bd91ce12bdecf87b1ca55ec} of Honda’s total sales. In November, the All New Honda Brio also recorded its highest sales so far this year.

à ??  ?? In November, the All New Honda Brio has been delivered for a full month to consumers, after starting the first shipment in mid-October. Sales results last month also showed that the All New Honda Brio was very well received by consumers and contributed significantly to Honda’s sales, à ??  ?? said Jonfis Fandy as Marketing & After Sales Service Director of HPM

Other models that contributed not less in November were the Honda Jazz which sold 1,331 units, followed by the Honda CR-V with 1,224 units, Honda Mobilio sold 837 units and Honda BR-V with 316 units.

Honda Civic Hatchback recorded sales of 129 units, while the New Honda HR-V 1.8L sold 112 units.

In the Sedan segment, the Honda Civic Sedan sold 134 units followed by Honda City with 45 units and Honda Accord with 11 units.

While in the premium class, the Honda Odyssey posted sales of 7 units and Honda Civic Type R as many as 2 units.