Corvette New Generation

The Heads Up Display that has adorned many Corvettes for years now may be cutting edge technology, but as far as GM is concerned it is becoming antiquated. That seems like a stretch, but GM is currently working on the next generation of the Heads Up Display and this time it is filled with even more high tech goodies.

Imagine traveling down a road and all of the sudden you are engulfed in thick fog. What do you do? You can’t risk stopping as there is no visibility and someone may hit you from behind. You can’t pull over because the shoulder is too narrow. Your only choice is to press on and hope that you can make out the curves in the road fast enough.

This nightmare scenario will be eliminated with the next generation of the Heads Up Display for the Corvette. The system will use a laser reflecting off of phosphors that are in the actual windshield of the vehicle and use the information ahead to create a line depending on which way the road should bend. If there is a curve forthcoming you will see it well before it occurs.

The new Heads Up Display does not stop there either. Using the same technology it will continuously scan the landscaping ahead of you and give you feedback instantaneously. This comes in handy particularly at night time as the night vision like system can detect and report objects ahead such as other vehicles, animals, and even children.

Also with the new Heads Up Display comes the graphic circling of speed limit signs as they appear. This method of highlighting the speed limit in the area you are in is designed to constantly let you know how fast you should be traveling. Now there is no excuse to speed, not that you won’t in your Corvette, but now there just won’t be an excuse.

Along with the Corvette GM plans on putting this technology in other vehicles as well. It will obviously make its way into some of the Cadillacs of the GM fleet and some lesser models that you may not expect the technology to go in may end up with it too. Don’t be surprised if GM offers it for all of their models as an option in order to draw in more customers.

So when will this ultra high tech tool be available? It would be nice if GM could coordinate the release of this technology with the 2013 Corvette as that would make for a fitting 60th birthday present, but that does not seem like it is going to happen. According to sources at GM’s Research and Development Department, if there are no snags along the way, the new Heads Up Display technology will be available no earlier than the 2017 model year.

Until then Corvette owners will just have to deal with what they have, not that it is all that bad really. It just goes to show how far the automotive industry has come. At this pace it won’t be too much longer before Corvette owners will be flying their Vettes everywhere instead of driving them.