Author: David Morgan

Corvette New Generation

The Heads Up Display that has adorned many Corvettes for years now may be cutting edge technology, but as far as GM is concerned it is becoming antiquated. That seems like a stretch, but GM is currently working on the next generation of the Heads Up Display and this time it is filled with even more high tech goodies.

Imagine traveling down a road and all of the sudden you are engulfed in thick fog. What do you do? You can’t risk stopping as there is no visibility and someone may hit you from behind. You can’t pull over because the shoulder is too narrow. Your only choice is to press on and hope that you can make out the curves in the road fast enough.

This nightmare scenario will be eliminated with the next generation of the Heads Up Display for the Corvette. The system will use a laser … Read More

Tips to Save on your Car Repairs

If you sit to take an estimate of the total amount spent on car repair and maintenance yearly, you’ll be surprised as to how much of a liability owning a vehicle is. Many do not even have issues with paying professionals to fix faults on the vehicle. However, the high price of the parts of a car is nothing to write home about. Surprisingly, we have a few entrepreneurs who have contributed to lifting the burden off our shoulders. See what car owners say about great deals, read reviews from Car Parts 4 Less here.

This article shares a few tips on how to save on your car repairs expenses.

Pick a Car with a Low Maintenance Budget

From experience, when you give certain advice to potential car buyers, they immediately feel you are trying to enforce a particular vehicle on them. No one is choosing for you, but … Read More

This is what you ought to do to set aside cash when you lease Luxury Cars in Dubai

On the off chance that you cherish undertakings and on the off chance that you like taking yourself or your family on treks, what we recommend you do is to choose luxury car rental Dubai.

“Luxury Cars – that must be so costly!” you may think.

In any case, no – there are really compelling ways for you to encounter driving extravagance autos and have the opportunity to wander around Dubai with so much class and tastefulness without spending such a great amount for it. Individuals would need to rent Luxury Cars in Dubai – to encounter the refinement it brings, the bleeding edge innovation that it has, and the exceptional power and motor that the extravagance vehicle has.

Who doesn’t love Luxury Cars, correct?

What’s more, on the off chance that you are among these individuals who are intending to lease top of the line vehicles at any … Read More

Checklist Before Renting a Luxury Car Dubai

Checklist Before Renting a Luxury Car DubaiIf you revere encounters and if you like taking yourself or your family on excursions, what we prescribe you do is to settle on If you want to drive Luxury Cars.

“Luxury Cars – that must be so expensive!” you may think.

In any case, no – there are extremely incredible ways for you to experience driving excess cars and have the chance to wind around Dubai with so much class and clean without spending such an extraordinary sum for it. People would need to Rent Luxury Cars in Dubai – to experience the intricacy it brings, the cutting edge advancement that it has, and the interesting force and engine that the Luxury Cars has. Here from Platinum Luxury Car rental dubai you can Rent Luxury Cars effectively.

Who doesn’t love Luxury Cars, right?

Furthermore, in case you are among these people who are meaning to rent best in class … Read More

The Rule You Should Understand Before Hiring a Car

The car rental companies have to face huge problems with regard to the restrictions. And for the reason, they have to follow some strict rules when renting a car or a van. And the rules are equally applicable to all national distributors. One must comply with these rules or criteria to rent a car. But there are some companies that do not believe in hard restriction. We’ll talk later. So far, let’s talk about the general rules of car rental in the United States.


All car rental companies require that customers who come to them, the rental car must have a valid license to show. One must have a driving license in the country where he is declared a resident. The license must be valid and remain valid throughout the rental period. Along with the driver’s license, customers have to present a credit card. And the driver’s age should … Read More