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This is what you ought to do to set aside cash when you lease Luxury Cars in Dubai

On the off chance that you cherish undertakings and on the off chance that you like taking yourself or your family on treks, what we recommend you do is to choose luxury car rental Dubai.

“Luxury Cars – that must be so costly!” you may think.

In any case, no – there are really compelling ways for you to encounter driving extravagance autos and have the opportunity to wander around Dubai with so much class and tastefulness without spending such a great amount for it. Individuals would need to rent Luxury Cars in Dubai – to encounter the refinement it brings, the bleeding edge innovation that it has, and the exceptional power and motor that the extravagance vehicle has.

Who doesn’t love Luxury Cars, correct?

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Checklist Before Renting a Luxury Car Dubai

Checklist Before Renting a Luxury Car DubaiIf you revere encounters and if you like taking yourself or your family on excursions, what we prescribe you do is to settle on If you want to drive Luxury Cars.

“Luxury Cars – that must be so expensive!” you may think.

In any case, no – there are extremely incredible ways for you to experience driving excess cars and have the chance to wind around Dubai with so much class and clean without spending such an extraordinary sum for it. People would need to Rent Luxury Cars in Dubai – to experience the intricacy it brings, the cutting edge advancement that it has, and the interesting force and engine that the Luxury Cars has. Here from Platinum Luxury Car rental dubai you can Rent Luxury Cars effectively.

Who doesn’t love Luxury Cars, right?

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The Rule You Should Understand Before Hiring a Car

The car rental companies have to face huge problems with regard to the restrictions. And for the reason, they have to follow some strict rules when renting a car or a van. And the rules are equally applicable to all national distributors. One must comply with these rules or criteria to rent a car. But there are some companies that do not believe in hard restriction. We’ll talk later. So far, let’s talk about the general rules of car rental in the United States.


All car rental companies require that customers who come to them, the rental car must have a valid license to show. One must have a driving license in the country where he is declared a resident. The license must be valid and remain valid throughout the rental period. Along with the driver’s license, customers have to present a credit card. And the driver’s age should … Read More

Will finance without dealers be the future?

Following a recent review by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), it is starting to appear that a dealer-free financing structure might be on its way.

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Instead of dealer involvement, with its high commission charges and interest, motor finance of the future may be undertaken with technology taking the place of dealers to help customers navigate the lending market.

FCA review

Following analysis from 20 motor finance providers and its own mystery shopping experiences, the FCA has expressed concern regarding commission levels charged by brokers when this is linked to the interest rate charged to customers.

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According to an FCA spokesperson, higher broker commission can equate to customers paying over £1,100 in interest charges over a four-year term based on a typical motor finance agreement of £10,000.

Too much discretion

The FCA states that this is due to brokers having too much discretion on how to charge … Read More

3 Best-Selling Honda Cars Ahead of Close in 2018

December may be an important month for those who hunt cars for vacation or during the Christmas and New Year holidays. One of them is from Honda.

When talking about percentages, some of the types of cars marketed show an increase compared to the previous month. Overall, PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM) sold 15,845 cars throughout November, a 2{e5724b4306c78918cea04aa5b427f6a26be3da3f3bd91ce12bdecf87b1ca55ec} increase compared to last month.

Speaking of the three best-selling cars near the end of 2018, the third position came in the sport utility vehicle (SUV) segment, the New Honda HR-V 1.5L. This car has sold 3,545 units, up 4{e5724b4306c78918cea04aa5b427f6a26be3da3f3bd91ce12bdecf87b1ca55ec} compared to last month.

Then there was the All New Honda Brio RS in the second position by recording sales of 1,754 units, 36{e5724b4306c78918cea04aa5b427f6a26be3da3f3bd91ce12bdecf87b1ca55ec} higher than the previous month.

But the best-selling or first position is their cheap car, the All New Brio Satya. This car is still the best-selling product … Read More