Custom Gable Garages Delivered to Your Home

For those of us who have an ever-expanding lifestyle, a traditional garage building may not keep up with our demands. As we accumulate more and more possessions over time, we often need bigger and better places to store them. If you have limited space on your property, it will be difficult to build additional garages and expensive to upgrade existing structures.

 The traditional construction process is fraught with headaches. You will first have to pay an architect to design the garage. Then, you need to apply for many zoning and building permits to approve it. The blueprints may need alterations. The quotes may change over the course of the building process as new unexpected foundation and supply problems reveal themselves.

While you may add to the resale value of your home, you will entice prospective buyers just as easily with a pre-built construction. Pre-built constructions are typically exempt from building permits and are merely required to pass the local zoning criteria. Then, you simply obtain certification of a sufficient foundation by a state certified engineer. Foundation depends upon the soil. Therefore, the engineer will usually bore two holes to ensure the soil quality is sufficient to maintain the structure. This is a fairly straightforward process.

Considering all of the headaches with traditional construction, it is a good idea to consider purchasing a prefabricated garage. You can start out small, resell, and upgrade to a bigger model when the need becomes apparent. There are three popular styles of garages: Gable, Hip, and Gambrel. Unless you live in a rural area, and really have your heart set on a barn-style roof, the Gable models will be your best investment. The peaked roofs withstand downpours and heavy snowfalls better than the Hip-style by directing the precipitation sharply away from the structure.

When shopping for a prefabricated Gable garage, you will want to choose a builder who custom builds to meet your specifications. It is a good idea to consider which style and model matches the styling of your home. If you have a particular paint or stain finish on your home or deck, you will do nicely with a natural wood finish ready for paint or stain. Insulated windows and walls, lofts, shingled or metal roofs, are just some of the choices available.

Your best investment is in a portable garage constructed with pressure treated lumber. The higher quality builds will feature jointed plywood floors, tar-papered roofs, and leak-proof construction. Many have converted their single car garages into workshops. A respectable builder will be able to accommodate the particular needs of any garage entrepreneur with additional shelf space, tool storage, or work benches.

The better construction companies will offer a money back guarantee. They know the value of their products and are confident in a “try it before you own it” business model. Professional garage builders have a predetermined price list of materials and estimated labor hours to get the job done on time and within budget. For all of these reasons, a pre-built garage is an overall better choice for most consumers.