The Advantage of Self-Driving Car

You, must be very familiar with the television series Knight Rider. In the event, a car named KITT (Knight Industries Three Thousand) is able to drive itself without requiring the driver behind the wheel.

Now, the concept of the car will soon become a reality. Several car companies like Volvo and Ford, to technology companies like Tesla and Google, have announced that they are developing and are ready to launch a car with an automatic control or self-driving car in the next few years.

Perhaps there is doubt that the concept of self-driving car can really materialized. However, quite a few are quite sure that the self-driving car will replace the current driving behavior, that is, each car must rely on a driver behind the wheel.

Here are a few things that I would change in our lives when self-driving car really enliven the traffic on the highway:

You do not need to be proficient drive to get around the city by car

Mobility you will not be hampered due to dependence on others or the availability of transport booking services. With the self-driving car, you no longer need to worry over your inability to drive a car. But with the record you have the car of the future-which I’m sure the price will be quite expensive.

Accident rate may be declining-or even increased

Until now, I am not sure where it would happen. The main factors that cause traffic accidents is human error, such as drowsiness, intoxicated, or more dangerous, driving while using a smartphone.

Although Google admitted that self-driving car they are designed to reduce the number of accidents, but the error factor that often occurs in a device technology can be a thing that you should consider.

To make sure all run safely and free risk, you must see about what you need to know about insuring your self-driving car.

Life is more efficient

For those of you who used to be behind the wheel of a car, definitely once or even often experience fatigue of having to always “play” with the gas pedal, brake, and clutch. So, when you are traveling long distances, it must always focus the mind in order to safely reach the destination.

If you have a self-driving car, your life will become more efficient. You can do other things that are more useful in a traffic jam or a long trip, such as reading a book, work, or even rest the eyes.

Regulation in driving

Whether a person is required to have a driver’s license to “steer” a self-driving car? Could eventually even there is a special driver’s license to the owner’s self-driving car.

Whatever regulations that will apply, I hope that the process to obtain permission easily. Not like now that requires every motorist passing through various processes are quite laborious and time-consuming.

The question is, do you prefer to drive yourself and believe in human driver, or self-driving car that allows you to live more efficiently? In this case, you should consider to Let’s discuss the pros and cons of self-driving car and how this technology is able to change our lives!