The Rule You Should Understand Before Hiring a Car

The car rental companies have to face huge problems with regard to the restrictions. And for the reason, they have to follow some strict rules when renting a car or a van. And the rules are equally applicable to all national distributors. One must comply with these rules or criteria to rent a car. But there are some companies that do not believe in hard restriction. We’ll talk later. So far, let’s talk about the general rules of car rental in the United States.


All car rental companies require that customers who come to them, the rental car must have a valid license to show. One must have a driving license in the country where he is declared a resident. The license must be valid and remain valid throughout the rental period. Along with the driver’s license, customers have to present a credit card. And the driver’s age should not be less than 25 years. However, some companies allow rent a car 19 years old. And they usually charge an extra fee for that. Many car rental companies request to show their driving record along with their driver’s license. And divers who have poor driving records can be denied using a rental car.


Securing car rental has two main options. First, if you do not have a car insurance policy, then you have to buy one from the car rental company. Second, your insurance must cover the car rental policy. If your car insurance does not cover the car rental policy, the car rental companies are there to offer you to buy your insurance policy at the time of collection. So do not forget to bring your copy of the insurance. In case you cannot take it, call your insurance agency to send the necessary documents by fax to the car rental agency. Regardless of the case, remember that you must provide a valid copy of your insurance document, otherwise it is suggested that you buy it at once.

Extra Fees to Pay

The charges you expect when renting a car are not all. There are company policies to pay some extra charges. Surely you can avoid them. But first you need to know them thoroughly. For example, you will be charged an extra fee if you want to add another additional driver. Therefore, do not add an additional driver unless it is free. Not only that, the car rental company will also check all the valid documents of the second driver. Additional fees may come in the form of a child seat or GPS. Therefore, it is better to bring your own child seat from home if possible. Most car rental companies charge an extra fee if you return late. Although some companies allow a grace period of few hours to return the car late. You may have to pay an additional fee for returning the car with the empty fuel tank. Ask them about the fuel policy before picking up the car.

Knowing all the rules and the policy of the company facilitates the process of renting your car and you will enjoy your trip.